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Homeschooling Tip #5 Unplug the TV and Turn off the Electronics

Have you ever taken a break from the electronics?  For some of us older moms, we remember the days when there were no smart phones, IPads or laptops. We had TV, but it was not available 24/7, and there were only a few channels.

A few years ago, my mother, daughter and I had the joy of spending a few days with one of my close high school friends. She has a large family (eight children plus and occasional exchange student), and she homeschooled all of them all the way through high school.

There were a number of things that impressed me about her children. They were respectful, friendly, played well together, and were all high achievers. Our presence in their home did not disrupt their routine. During the day, the younger children played in the yard or in the playroom, some of the older ones were working on school work, one was practicing an instrument, another doing artwork. When it was time for the evening meal, a couple of the children stopped what they were doing and prepared dinner…

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